The Padgett Messages

the gospel revealed anew by Jesus and the Apostles

Smith, an Englishman from London wanted to contact Dr. Stone.

October 29th, 1915

Received by James Padgett.

Washington D.C.

I am here, Samuel R. Smith:

I was a man who lived in the city of London and was a great merchant in things that were sent to India.

I merely want to say, that I, as an Englishman, feel that I want to tell your friend, as an Englishman, in a foreign country, that I am much interested in him and his investigations of the truths of spiritualism. When on earth I was a spiritualist, but I did not know anything of the higher spiritualism which seems to be revealed to you both, and I am sorry that at that time this phase of spiritualism was not known, for if I had been possessed of the knowledge of the truths which this latter spiritualism brings to you, I would be in a more advanced state in my soul development. So I merely want to say this and to tell you both how fortunate you are to have this revelation before you become spirits.

Tell your friend that I am glad to meet him here and will try to help him with all my power and influence.

I am in the fifth sphere, and I passed over in 1867, and am now a seeker after the great Divine Love of the Father which Jesus is teaching in the spirit world.

Excuse me for intruding, but I happened to be present and thought that you would not object very much to my writing a little. So I will say goodnight.

I am the man who once wrote you that I had such a wonderful mind that there was nothing more for me to learn. You facetiously called me the man with the ponderous mind, and I now enjoy what you said as much as you do. But my friends, that ponderous mind has left me, and I now know that I knew very little of the things of the spirit world, and that there is for me the whole of eternity in which to realize that I cannot learn all that there is to learn.

I have had the pleasure and profit also of associating with some of your band, and other spirits who associate with them, and the result is that, whereas, while on earth and even for a long time in the spirit world, I was an infidel as well as a fool, yet now I am a believer in the teachings of Jesus, who I thought, was a mere fanatic while on earth.

This thing called the Divine Love is the greatest thing in all God's universe, and I know, because I possess some of it, and realize a happiness that I never before possessed.

Your band is doing a wonderful work to the dark and suffering spirits, and I know that its influence must be felt among spirits who come in contact with those who have been helped even though the former have never been with you.

In fact I see that such is the case, and in the great day of reckoning, that is when you shall come over to answer for your thoughts and deeds in the body, you will find that these spirits whom you have helped will he with you and show the results of your endeavors.

So you must excuse me for consuming your time, but I felt that you must be told that I am no longer the spirit who was a fool, but one who has learned that he is of very little importance in the great world of spirits.

So, thanking you, I will say goodnight.

Samuel R. Smith.