The Padgett Messages

the gospel revealed anew by Jesus and the Apostles

William Stone is happy to see his son's wonderful development in his soul.

November 4th, 1915

Received by: James Padgett.

Washington D.C.

I am here, Leslie's father:

I will write a few words also, for I know my son will enjoy a short writing from me tonight. I have been with him a great deal, as you may think, and am so very much pleased to realize that he has made a wonderful development in his soul, and that he is nearer the Father's Divinity than he has ever been before. I will not tell him of our condition, for he must know that we are very happy, and one of the reasons for our happiness is the fact that he not only knows the way to this Love, but is striving to obtain it, or rather, to increase his possession of it, for he has much of it already, and he is conscious of that fact.

I was present a few nights ago when his mother wrote him, and I cannot tell him of the great happiness we all had - a happiness that no reunion on earth could ever have given.

I will come soon and write him a letter in reference to the War, for while my thoughts are given more to the great truths that make angels of men, yet I have been somewhat interested in the progress of the War, as my people, I mean my friends and citizens of England, are very much in the War, and many of them have paid the price of their patriotism and sacrifice, and are now in the Spirit World. But this I will say now, that the spirits who have been closely watching the events of the War and its progress, and who have visited the directing minds of the various contending nations, and also the people of these nations, say that the end of the war will soon come, and all the bloodshed that mortals expect will not take place.

I will not write more now, but will repeat what has been said to you both so often: "Watch yourselves and pray to the Father with all the longings of your souls."

With my love I will say,

The Doctor's father,

William Stone