The Padgett Messages

the gospel revealed anew by Jesus and the Apostles

Second message from William Stone, father of Leslie R. Stone.

November 23rd, 1915

Received by:James Padgett.

Washington D.C.

I am here, your loving father.

I am the father of that boy, and I want to say to him that I am happy too, as well as his mother but not as happy as she is. I am not in her high sphere, but I am striving to get there and enjoy her home. Leslie, my son, I am also happy that you are trying to follow the steps of the Master and in your love for the Father, and in your soul aspirations.

Believe in this truth, and you will not be disappointed, and when the great day of reunion comes you will find more love waiting for you than you ever thought possible for a spirit to receive. So trust in God and follow the teachings of the Master, I know the importance of this, as one who was ignorant when on earth and now have learned only since coming into the spirit world.

God Bless that dear Mother of yours! If it had not been for her teachings after she came into the spirit world, I probably would be an easy going spirit, as I was a man, enjoying the happiness which my good nature and love of things generally gave me. But when your mother came over, and I saw that she had a Love which I had not, and which I must get in order to be with her, and when she told me how much she loved me, I sought for the same kind of Love which she had. And with her help and the help of the Father's Holy Spirit, I obtained this Love and am now very happy, for it is this love which alone may make it possible for me to be with her where she is. But I am not yet with her, as her soul condition is above mine for me to be able to share her home. She is so beautiful and good that I am not satisfied to live away from her and I am trying with all my soul's desire to be together with her, through prayer to the Father for this Divine Love, the one possession that can make me worthy of her.

So Leslie believe what we say to you and trust in God and you will be happy.

Your loving father,

William Stone.