The Padgett Messages

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The Padgett Messages

This site holds the Padgett Messages only. It is intended to facilitate the study of these fabulous messages, in the precise date order in which they were received by James Padgett. It is also the intention to not annotate any message, but rather to leave the reader to make up their own mind as to the accuracy, or Truth of that message. The original New-Birth site contains many subject topics, as also commentary. That may be useful if one wants to study a very specific topic, such as soul mates, plus a comprehensive search facility, but it is fair to point out, that it also contains my personal point of view regarding the truth or otherwise of some contentious topics. It also contains the messages received by Dr Samuels in the 1950’s and 1960’s, and over 1,000 contemporary messages from Divine Love mediums up to the present time.

James Padgett was simply a devout Methodist lawyer, based in Washington D.C. when he lost his dear wife Helen in February 1914. He was moved to try and contact her through the veil, and learned that he had the ability to take automatic writing. This set of some 1,200 messages are his spiritual journey. He passed on in March 17th, 1923 and his legacy has been kept alive through the efforts of others.

James Padgett kept a very detailed daily diary of his spirit communications, and this has enabled us to present this ordered sequence. However it has not proved possible to find the dates for all the messages, and until we are able to scan the originals, and obtain the date, these messages are contained in a separate folder, where they can be studied. As of late 2012 we have become aware that the originals of at least half these messages have been lost, and hence the number of missing dates that can still be discovered, is not great. But a considerable number of unpublished messages have now been scanned, and will hopefully be published in the coming years.

This is a link to the very first message James Padgett received.