The Padgett Messages

the gospel revealed anew by Jesus and the Apostles

Helen refers to John and Paul and Solomon writing.

June 28th, 1915.

Received by James Padgett

Washington D.C.

I am here, Helen

Well sweetheart, you are tired and must not write much tonight for it will make you feel bad. So when I tell you a few things, stop writing.

Well, I see you want to know if the spirits who wrote you last night, I mean the disciples and Solomon, really wrote you. I am glad to say that they did. They were whom they represented themselves to be and you must believe.

After he wrote I had a communication with St. John and he told me that you are on the way to the kingdom. He is so loving and so beautiful and seems so filled with Love that I really could not help from loving him. But yet he is not so glorious as the Master. None are - he is the one altogether lovely. But St. John is a wonderful spirit and he is interested in your work and will no doubt write you at times.

I did not talk to St. Paul as he left just as soon as he stopped writing, but I will sometime when he comes to you, as he says he will.

Neither did I talk to Solomon, because he departed as soon as he had finished. You may think him a wonderful spirit in appearance, because of the great number of years since he lived on earth. But the years make no difference in appearance. He looks as young as do your own band, though more beautiful and loving. He is not a spirit who has any of his racial appearance, but as I have said, his appearance is caused by the development, no matter what race they may have belonged to on earth.

When a spirit who was a negro on earth gets this soul development, he goes into that sphere which his development fits him for, and no distinction is made between spirits on account of what their race may have been on earth. When a spirit who was a negro on earth acquires this soul development the color that distinguished him on earth leaves him and he has the appearance which his soul development gives him. He is no longer a negro but a redeemed spirit and has the color of one.

So you see the color of a mortal on earth does not determine his color in the higher spheres.

In the earth plane the earth color clings to the spirit and sometimes it is intensified. In fact a purely white man may become very dark in that plane, and the negroes become darker. As I have said the condition of the soul determines the appearance.

So the heaven of all races may be the same, provided the individuals of those races obtain this Divine Love in the same degree.

How blinded we are on earth to the fact that all humans are God's children, and all loved by Him just alike, no matter what their color or nationality may be. Well, you must stop now.

So with all my love, I am your own true and loving