The Padgett Messages

the gospel revealed anew by Jesus and the Apostles

Seligman: Contrasting the Mohammedan heavens and the Christian heavens.

August 8th, 1915

Received by:James Padgett

Washington D.C.

I am here, Seligman. I am an ex-sultan of the Mohammedans.

I do not know time, but about four hundred years ago. Yes, I am still a follower of the Prophet, and I am in our paradise and happy. God is great! Allah is his name and Mohammed is his prophet!

I had a desire to learn what the writers who have written you tonight might say, and so I stayed and listened to them and found that their doctrines of the Divine Love of the Father are new to me. The Mohammedans do not understand this Love, and when I heard that it gave such bliss to those who possessed it, I became interested and wondered what it really meant.

We have not this Love, and our happiness comes to us from our brotherly love and our worship of Allah and our devotion to his prophet. As I wondered the thought came to me that we should have been taught to know what this Love means, and if our Allah is not such a loving God as the God that these Christians tell of. I am going to inquire into this, because if there be a greater happiness than what I now have I want to learn about it, and if it exists, to become a partaker of it.

We don't have much intercourse with the Christian spirits, as our heavens are separate from theirs and we believe that we have the true heavens and are the chosen of God, and that all these Christians are in the dark.

Well, these Christians seem to be brighter and more beautiful than do the spirits in our heavens, and that has caused me to think, also. I know that in our heavens the higher we progress the more beautiful we become and the brighter we seem to be, and that the condition of the progress of the individual determines his appearance; and, knowing this, I have come to think that these Christians live in a higher or more progressive heaven than ours.

I am dissatisfied now, and I will investigate. Can you tell me the best way to do so?

Yes, some are who have not written. I will do so.

There is one here - a beautiful woman - who says she is your grandmother. I will ask her and maybe she can start me on my investigation.

Well, I will say good-night.

I will certainly come again.

Your friend,