The Padgett Messages

the gospel revealed anew by Jesus and the Apostles

John comments on the beliefs of the preacher.

August 29th, 1915.

Received by James Padgett

Washington D.C.

And he said, that there is no other salvation than through the blood of Jesus.

How in error he is, and how he will find the truth on his awakening in the spirit life.

Let not Your heart be troubled or your faith in the Master be shaken by anything that he or any other man may say. I was at the meeting and what the preacher said was all right, except that you must not believe that only the blood saves from sin.

No, he did not say that in so many words, but that was what he intended that his sermon should convey. I am St. John.

I never said that the blood of Jesus saves from sin, and neither did Jesus or any of his apostles.

Let not the conversation cause you to doubt for a moment what we have written to you.

So I will stop now and will only say further, that we are all with you and want you to believe firmly in what we may write.

Yes, I am sorry to say that that is their belief, and what a great mistake they make and how great the awakening will be for them, when they shall learn the truth.

So believe and trust