The Padgett Messages

the gospel revealed anew by Jesus and the Apostles

Jesus refers to Helen's description of the third Celestial Sphere.

December 28th, 1915.

Received by:James Padgett.

Washington D.C.

I am Jesus.

I will write only a few lines. I merely want to say that what you have read tonight from your wife as to her progress and her condition of love is all true. She is in such a state of happiness that you must not wonder, that she was not able to describe to you her home and her new surroundings, for they are beyond description in the words that you mortals use to express your ideas.

But this I will say, that the heart of man has never conceived nor the mind of man thought of the great blessings and joy which the Father has prepared for those who love Him in the way of possessing His Divine Love which makes their souls at-one with Him, and causes them to partake of His Divine Nature, and realize that they are a part of His Great Divinity, and Immortal.

If mortals would only learn of this great plan of the Father for their redemption, and then believe and try to get this Great Love, how much more happiness there would be, not only among spirits but among mortals also, for this Love can be possessed to a very great degree by mortals, notwithstanding (that) they have all the trials and temptations of the flesh.

My object is to have you and your friend obtain this Great Love while you are still in the flesh, for your work will require that you have this Love so that you can not only teach its existence, but by your very lives show and prove to mankind that it is a thing of reality.

I will soon write you another message that will show another great truth which mankind must know.

Well, I will explain that sentence in one of my messages very soon, and will to the satisfaction of your friend show that God never leads any of his children into temptation, and that I never said in teaching my disciples the Lord's prayer, that they should pray that God would not lead them into temptation. I will also write you the actual prayer which I taught them, and which is the true prayer which all men with fervent, honest, longing hearts should offer to the Father. So let not this trouble you or your friend, for God does not lead men into temptation, but, on the contrary, uses the influence of his righteous spirits upon them to help them resist all temptation.

With all my love for you and your co-worker, and the blessings of the Father upon you both, I am your brother and friend,