The Padgett Messages

the gospel revealed anew by Jesus and the Apostles

White Eagle and Arondah assist Dr. Stone in his healing work.

April 18th, 1916

Received by James Padgett.

Washington D.C.

I am here, Arondah and White Eagle:

I am the guardian of Dr. Stone. I was the Hindu guide. I want to tell him that I was with him when he treated the sick woman. Her name was (Miss Fallin, an elderly patient). I was an assistant and we were trying to help him in ministering to her and are making every effort to establish that rapport that will enable him to do her good.

He must have faith for notwithstanding that she appears to be beyond all hope there is more than hope and if we can only establish the rapport that is necessary, he will be able to help her so that she will recover and restore to her the powers of sensation in the apparently dead portions of the body and also recover strength of mind sufficient to enable her to regain her condition, and the necessity of her following his instructions we will make a special effort in his case in order to demonstrate the effect of the powers which the spirit world has over the conditions of mortals where all hope has been abandoned by physicians who rely only so far as drugs and medicines.

Besides our powers there is a Doctor present who has the power of high spirits and such powers are beyond the comprehension of mortals who have not the faith of which he has been told in the messages which have come to you. Faith and prayer are mighty instruments in effecting cures of the human ills, and in this case the Doctor must pray and exercise his faith and he will see the glory of God manifested in the case of this woman. So tell him to rely on us and in the powers of the bright spirits for they will both be with him in his treatment of this woman.

I thought it best to write this so that he may be encouraged in his good work.

Tell him that we will be with him on every visit that he makes to her, and will try to get conditions so that our powers may be exercised in helping him.

But above all pray and exercise faith.

White Eagle

P.S. I am glad to say the woman who was advanced in age who I was instrumental in treating was restored to good health and lived many years after the healing. I recognize that the healing that brought results was on account of the high healing spirits.

Dr. L. R. Stone.