The Padgett Messages

the gospel revealed anew by Jesus and the Apostles

Mary has progressed to the First Celestial Sphere.

May 6, 1916

Received by:James Padgett.

Washington D.C.

I am here, your Helen:

And I merely want to say that I have been listening to the talk between you and Dr. Stone, and I think that you both have been enlightened as well as entertained by the message. It undoubtedly contains truths that are pregnant with ideas and thoughts that will cause many men to wonder and change the conceptions of many of their beliefs.

Well, who do you think is here now like a hen on a griddle, so afraid that she will not have the chance to tell the Dr. that she has another secret and he must know it; and she says just let her say one little word. So I suppose she will have to have her way.


Well, Dr., I am here, as you may be surprised to know, if you have forgotten my last secret, but I don't believe that you have. I want to say I am in a happier condition than I have ever been, for I am now in the Celestial Spheres where I know that happiness is so much greater than ever before. So you must believe me when I tell you that my love is so very much more abundant, and that you are dearer to me than ever before. So try to realize what I mean, and imagine that you are with me, even for a little while, and then you will be happier too. I have said what I wanted to and must stop.


Well, she feels better and says if she could go to sleep she would sleep better now.

Yes, I am here again. Mary means that she is in a condition that is full of the love of the Celestial Spheres, that are higher than the one in which she was when she last wrote you. She is in the first Celestial Sphere, but she feels that as she progresses the other spheres are so much more filled with the love that she speaks of.

Her expression of being near the celestial spheres may be misleading, but the truth is that her home is in the first celestial and she is very near the second and will probably be there in a short time. I have told you the exact fact and you must believe what I say.

Well sweetheart, I will not write more.

So with all my love, I am your own true and loving,