The Padgett Messages

the gospel revealed anew by Jesus and the Apostles

Priscilla Stone tells her son, Leslie, that his soul is becoming filled with more Love of the Father.

November 2nd, 1916

Received by:James Padgett.

Washington D.C.

I am here, Mother.

Let me write just a line. I am the mother of the boy who is sitting before you, and I want to tell him I am so very happy because I see that his condition of soul is so much improved with the possession of the Love. He may not realize the difference in his condition now and that of a few months ago, and may believe that when he has the feelings of exaltation, which he has at times, that they all arise from the same condition of his soul, but I who can see just what his condition is, want to tell him that this is not just correct, for his soul now is filled with more of the Love than it has ever been. He is developing day by day, and sometime before long he must not be surprised if there comes to him an experience that will show him just what his great work in furthering the desires of the Master, and the other spirits who are working in the great cause, will be. When that experience comes he will be greatly surprised and will possibly doubt, but he must remember what I am now saying to him, and believe that he is only receiving the realization of the promises that have been made to him, and that they are not more to be wondered at than were some of the powers and gifts bestowed upon the Apostles when they lived on earth and were the followers of the Master. His work is just as important as was theirs, though he does not realize the importance of it at this time. But he will when the time comes and then, oh! my boy! how you will be blest, not so much on your own account, but because the power that you will have to do good to others, and demonstrate the truth of all the wonderful truths that have come through the messages.

I write this tonight because I desire to encourage him in his search for the Love and for the truth, and he must believe that he is not living merely to do the work of the ordinary mortal, but to do the work that has been given him by the Master and the other Celestial angels.

His work is his only, and he forms a part of those who will do a work that will revolutionize the thoughts and lives of the whole world. I am so happy in this knowledge, and he must believe what I say, and appreciate the responsibility that has been placed upon him, for he has been selected to do the work and no other can do it for him.

Tell my son that I am truly his mother who thus writes, and what I say, I know to be true, and that if were not true I would not tell him. Pray more to the Father and let his faith increase, and he will find that every aspiration will become a thing of reality, and his soul perceptions will become to him as real as the perceptions of his mind in his earthly affairs. I will not write more now, and in closing will say that I love him, and the Master loves him, and the Father loves him with the Great Love that floods the whole universe. Good night and God bless you both.

His mother in Christ,

Mrs. Priscilla Stone.