The Padgett Messages

the gospel revealed anew by Jesus and the Apostles

Taggart prefers spiritual happiness to earth life.

November 4th, 1916

Received by:James Padgett

Washington D.C.

Well, old fellow, how are you?

I am not going to tell you who I am until the end, but I want to say that I have been listening tonight to the writings and also to the comments you made, and you are very fortunate in having such evidence come to you, for you have more than one witness to a fact, and there are none to contradict, except some funny fellow who tried to tell Mr. Morgan that one of his witnesses was someone else, but he was not successful, as another witness heard him and put him hors de combat, (incapacitated) as the Frenchman says.

But I know that what has been written you tonight is true and was written by the persons who pretended to write. Even that Indian who claimed to be the earth guide of Mr. Morgan's father when on earth was a real, true witness. In this case the truth of the claim that Mr. Morgan is entitled to make is established, and he must believe what was written him, and how thankful he should be that it is true.

If I could only have had such a great blessing conferred on me when a mortal, how many weary hours of darkness and suffering I would have avoided when I came to the spirit world. He must believe and in believing, realize that he has that which thousands of spirits in darkness would give the world, as we said on earth, to have.

Well, I have progressed very much, and am still progressing, and am in the Third Sphere. And what happiness and glory are mine. Never, when on earth, did I conceive of such beauty and magnificence, and peace and rest in action. The lifetime of an octogenarian would not enable me to describe the wonders and beauties of this place, and I feel that somehow you should know something of it, but I will not try tonight as it is late. But let me tell you that I would not exchange one little moment of the bliss I have here for a whole lifetime of earthly happiness. I know now what the Divine Love means and what the New Birth is that you used to tell me about, and when I thought that these things were the creatures of the imaginations or speculations of the priests and preachers and religious cranks, I little realized that they would become mine and things of greater reality than the sun that used to shine in my office windows.

Sometime I will come and write you a long letter describing my progress - for which you are so much responsible and for which I will never cease to thank you as long as eternity lasts.

I remember your friend and I am very glad that he has some of the Love in his soul and did not wait to get it until he came to the spirit world and suffered the darkness and torment that I suffered. He is a fortunate man, and if any man should thank God and the good spirits, he should, and you, too. Well, I will not write more tonight. So, with my love and best wishes for your welfare and happiness, I can sign myself, as I never in all the long years of my earth experience thought possible.

Your brother in Christ,

Hugh T. Taggart.