The Padgett Messages

the gospel revealed anew by Jesus and the Apostles

Mary Kennedy succeeds in bringing her soulmate, Leslie, into the third sphere, although upon his return he did not remember the travel.

December 13th, 1916

Received by:James Padgett.

Washington D.C.

I am here, Mary.

Let me write just a line and I will feel better, for I am so anxious to tell the Doctor that he is such a dear boy, and needs me more than he thinks. Of course this is in a kind of humorous vein, but still humor sometimes contains much truth.

Helen says that I might write a short letter, and I know that when she says so you will have to submit, but I know that you want to favor me anyhow. I understand from what he has said to you that he has no recollection of his experience, and I am very sorry for if he could only recall just a little of what he saw and felt when he was with me he would never doubt for a moment that I am his true soulmate, and that his heaven is all that he has had described him.

It was a very happy night for me and for him too if I may judge from what he said. He did not want to return and said - that there was no special reason for his returning and that he was so happy with me that he felt justified in requesting that he may be permitted to stay with me, but I reminded him that could not be as he had been chosen to do a work among mortals, and that until that was finished he could not come to the spirit and remain, but I promised that he should come again as a visitor, and that his happiness would be just as great as he was then experiencing and that possibly he might at some time be able to recall some of the experiences of his visit.

Well I had him with me and we were in the third sphere, where everything was so suited to our love feast, and we were happy, I must tell you. He met his father and mother and sisters, and some other spirits who were interested in him, and they were all so happy to have him with them, especially was his mother very happy for she took him in her arms and kissed him and cried for very joy.

They stayed with us for a little while but soon saw that we were anxious to be alone, and they left with their blessings. But Helen said - that she did not intend to leave, for fear that I should get in such a condition that I would forget that he was still a mortal, and do something that might prevent his return to his body. She said - I was not responsible and that she thought too much of the Doctor to leave him alone with such a lovesick and foolish girl as I was, and asked him if I was not right, and if he did not think it best for her to stay, and he said - that of course he appreciated her anxiety on his account, and he knew that she did not want anything to happen to him, but that he was quite a brave man, and was willing to run the risk of being left alone with me, and then she gave me a kiss and hug and left us.

I would like to tell you of some of the things he said and did, but I have not the time tonight but only say it was a time of happiness and bliss and a forerunner of what is in store for us when he comes over never to return to the body.

I will come soon and try the experiment again, and I suppose again, for the joys of our being together are so great that I know that I will not be able to resist the temptations of having him with me.Helen says - that I must stop as you are tired. So thanking you, and with my love to Leslie, and in the hope that he will soon be with me again, I will say good night.

Your loving sister,


P.S. The day following the information received from Mr. Padgett that his Helen and my soulmate Mary were going to try and take me out of the body as they had written about three weeks before. I felt a wonderful influence of love that seemed to take possession of my whole being, and it lasted for three days and made me feel so happy.

Mr. Padgett had a similar experience after going to the spirit world in the third sphere a few months previous to my experience, and said that he felt much love present in his soul after the event.

Leslie R. Stone.