The Padgett Messages

the gospel revealed anew by Jesus and the Apostles

Mary Kennedy chides Dr. Stone on his love for her. Also speaks of the trip into the spirit world by both. Dr. Stone and Mr. Padgett.

December 28th, 1916

Received by:James Padgett

Washington D.C.

I am here, Mary Kennedy:

Well, if he had thought of me as much as he should, he would have guessed without any difficulty. It just shows you how little you can depend upon the men who profess to love you. This is what I might say if I were a mortal, but being a spirit and able to see into his heart, I know that he loves me as I do him.

I have been waiting for these other spirits to write before I attempted to say a few words, and by the way, let me say that all who wrote tonight are really the spirits that they represented themselves to be. If it were not so late, and you were not so tired, I would write a long letter and tell you of our frolic at Christmas Eve, when you came with us to our homes in the spirit world for the time being, and partook of all the love and greetings that awaited you.

As Mr. Stone wrote, there were many spirits present, and all were very happy in having you both with us, and the Judge, especially, enjoyed it after he got over his fright, if I may call it such, after seeing you two sail through the air in our arms, for you must know that we had you in our arms, and would not let you go until we reached the sphere, where we found a nice greensward to rest upon.

I must stop writing a description of this, or I may forget myself and continue longer than I should; just have a little patience and I will soon come and give you a full description. We will commence to write earlier in the evening and provide that there shall be no interference by other spirits.

Tell my dear that I love him very much, and will go home with him and let him feel my presence. So I will not write more now, and after I get my kisses, will say good night.


the loving soulmate.