The Padgett Messages

the gospel revealed anew by Jesus and the Apostles

William Stone tells of Leslie's friend Plummer's progress out of darkness.

March 15th, 1917

Received by:James Padgett.

Washington D.C.

I am here, Leslie's father:

Well, what do you think of Plummer? He is just as he wrote you and we are somewhat surprised at his progress. He is a very enthusiastic spirit, and knows that he has found the way, he never ceases praying except when he is at work, even then he prays. I have been much interested in him, as you may suppose because he came to me for help and instructions, and we naturally have an interest in those that we are called upon to help, and especially is this true when we are successful in our efforts. But while he has progressed into the light and is rid of much of his sufferings, yet he is not in that condition that will enable him to tell the spirits with whom he is working of the great power of the Love to change the dark evil soul into one of brightness and joy.

Yet he will soon be in that condition, for he is in earnest and such earnestness always brings the results longed for.

Well, I am glad to write to my son again, and while I know it is not necessary in order to have him know that I am with him, yet the writing is evidence that appeals to his senses and gives a satisfaction that the mere thoughts of my presence may not do.

I am very happy, more so than I can tell him and I want him to be happy also, which he can do, for this Love is open to him just as it is to the spirits, and the longings of his soul are heard and will be responded to, just as the longings of the souls of us spirits are responded to.

I will come soon, if agreeable and you are in proper condition, and write him a message that may show him what knowledge I have of spiritual truths of our spirit world. His mother and sisters are here and send their love to him. This is the common expression among mortals to make known the flowing of love from one to another, but does not express all that I mean, for our love does not have to be sent to him as it is with and around him whenever we are present with him, which is very often. We, of course, have our work to do, but the work does not take up all of our time, and a part of it is with him, as we have told him.

I will not write more now and will only further say that he is growing in his possession of this Love, and must continue his prayers to the Father, and let nothing interfere with such prayers, for they are the only way to the Father's soul and His Love.

So trusting that you will not doubt what I have said or that the spirits of the Celestial Spheres come to him with the influence of their love and their efforts to help him and make him at-one with them in their aspirations.

I will say good night.

William Stone.