The Padgett Messages

the gospel revealed anew by Jesus and the Apostles

Mrs. Padgett confirms that Julius Caesar wrote.

May 1st, 1917.

Received by James Padgett.

Washington D.C.

I am here, your own true and loving Helen.

Yes, dear, it was Caesar who wrote and he is so happy and thankful that he can hardly contain himself in his desires to write to you. He is an earnest spirit now, and as he said, is striving with all the energy of his soul to obtain the Love in more abundance, and I can see that he will progress very rapidly.

Well dear, you experience every few nights the result of the work and the redemption of some poor soul who has failed to seek for this Love that only can make a dark and suffering spirit a bright and happy one in a short time. There is nothing like this Love. It is all by itself and so easy to obtain, and always waiting for the longing, and aspiring soul, either in spirit or man on earth.

Your own true and loving