The Padgett Messages

the gospel revealed anew by Jesus and the Apostles

G.W.H.: His experience as a result of a spirit's belief in the vicarious atonement.

June 24, 1917

Received by:James Padgett

Washington D.C.

I am here, G.W.H.

I would like to write a few lines, as I am much interested in the conversation that I have heard, and know that what you two say about the falsity of Jesus' blood and sacrifice being necessary or sufficient to save a soul from sin and error and to make it at-one with the Father, is true.

I know this from personal experience, for no mortal ever believed more in that doctrine than did I, and many - yes, most all the years - of my life were spent not only in believing that false doctrine, but in teaching it. And not until I had suffered and realized that such blood and sacrifice were not able to save me did I seek for something else; and then it was a long time before I found that something else. For when I was first told of the Divine Love being the only thing necessary to save my soul and that without it all the blood and vicarious sufferings of Jesus would not avail, I found it so contrary to my old beliefs that I refused to entertain the thought. And as I suffered and could find no way of relief, and as the spirits who had told me of this Love insisted on my seeking for it, I commenced to do so, though at times I felt that I was doing wrong.

Well, I found it, and then commenced to seek with more energy and faith until I found relief. And now I can say that the only thing that will save a soul is this Divine Love, and everything else that mortals believe to be necessary is useless.

I have never written you before, although I have told Helen that I desired to do so, and now I am very happy that I have the opportunity. Before closing, I wish to say that you are in the truth in your beliefs, and must not let any, or all, of the preachers on earth cause you to doubt these truths.

I am in the Third Sphere and progressing, and hope to continue until I arrive in the Celestial Heavens, of which Helen has told me so much.

With my love, I will say, good night.

Your brother in Christ,