The Padgett Messages

the gospel revealed anew by Jesus and the Apostles

A friend of Mr. Padgett's writes that when on earth he believed in the New Birth but found It quite different upon entering the spirit world.

December 18th, 1917

Received by James Padgett.

Washington D.C.

I am here, William R. Woodward.

Let me say a word as I have listened to your conversation and to me the most of it is Greek, for while I understand your words and sentences, I do not comprehend your meaning. What do you mean by transformation of the soul? I am a spirit who when on earth believed in the New Birth and regeneration, and believed that I was the subject of both and was fitted when I died to enter into the mansions of the redeemed and enjoy the presence of God and of Jesus, but I have found that since I became a spirit I am no more in the presence of God than I was on earth. I was taught that by receiving the New Birth, and, as I understood that meant to believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and accept him as my saviour and become baptized, I would be saved - as I said I was taught that this New Birth was all that I was required to have in order to become an inhabitant of Jesus' heavens; and now I know that teaching did not bring me to heaven, and when I hear you speak of the transformation of the soul by the New Birth your teachings sound very much like those that I was taught when on earth, and I wonder if you are not suffering under the same delusion that I was.

You talk as if you know what you say to be true and that you actually know, as a fact, that there is a transformation of the soul that results from this New Birth. I hope you are not mistaken, for if there be any such fact, I would like to hear it and the way to obtain it. So if you can enlighten me, do so. I know what you say in words, but that does not satisfy me. I want that, if there be such, which is back of words, can you help me?

Well, I see a spirit, and he is very beautiful and says, he will help me to understand if I will sincerely listen to him and I will, so good night. I am William R. Woodward whom you knew when I was on earth.

Your friend.