The Padgett Messages

the gospel revealed anew by Jesus and the Apostles

Kate Stone is pleased with the help given to her brother, Leslie R. Stone, by Dr. Campbell.

April 4th, 1918

Received by:James Padgett.

Washington D.C.

I am here, Kate Stone:

I am here and want to write a line. I am the sister of Leslie and I desire to tell him that I have been with him quite often during the last three or four days. He may be somewhat surprised to learn that I have been present with Dr. Campbell while he has been watching the effect of his medicine upon the kidneys of my brother and of course was much interested for as you may know it is a new experience for us who are with him as it is for him, and he must not doubt what Dr. Campbell prescribed for him and has given his attention to the effect of the medicine so that as he says he may be able to give him advice as to what shall be done if anything else is necessary.

I am pleased that Leslie can have the benefit of the help of Dr. Campbell for I know that his advice is based upon his actual knowledge of conditions and not merely guesswork. And as I and the other spirit friends of my brother desire that he become a well man spiritually and also desire that he become well physically and remain so, and the Doctor's advice is that Leslie must become free from any trouble with his kidneys and also will become strong otherwise. I cannot tell him how thankful we are that he has such a good adviser as to his physical condition. We, as we know, are anxious that he become perfectly whole in his physical and spiritual condition and the combination of the two states of well being makes for him a condition that will bring to him much material enjoyment and spiritual happiness. When we come to think of the wonders of these things, we cannot keep from being agreeably surprised, and I want to tell him that I know of no other mortals who are enjoying the advantages of having such unusual and believable help. We are very happy and progressing all the time and are doing a work that is very helpful to mortals. Our work is largely with mortals in the way of attempting to impress them with spiritual thoughts, and of course we are especially with our brothers and sisters, but this is not our only work for the spirits in darkness are also the objects of our efforts and endeavors to help out of the sufferings.

All send their love and earnest wishes for his progress in his soul development which of course means a greater inflowing of the love.

I will not write more now. So good night.

With much love,

His sister Kate.