The Padgett Messages

the gospel revealed anew by Jesus and the Apostles

Mr. Padgett passed into the spirit world on March 17th, 1923; this first message was received through Eugene Morgan four days later.

March 21st, 1923.

Received by:Eugene Morgan.

Washington D.C.

I am here, James E. Padgett:

We are all here and at last I am where I so often desired to be. And when I arrived I was met by Jesus and other high spirits who were formally with me so often and also by a great crowd of spirits who were unknown to me, but said that I had enabled them to get out of darkness and become Divine Angels.

Was ever such beauty and happiness conceived of as is now mine. My soul mate is with me and says that a joyous mansion awaits me and that in a little time we will occupy it. I am in a beautiful place, but have not as yet asked its location. As many are seeking control, I must now stop.

James E. Padgett

I am here, James E. Padgett:

Well Morgan, here I am again, I must say that nothing I ever conceived of compares to the marvelous beauty of my home as you are aware. We are making as it were a mighty effort to progress. I mean those in the same plane as myself. When I entered this life, I was met by many thousands of spirits who said that I had helped them and you cannot conceive of the happiness the knowledge brought me. We must continue in this work, as my coming here will only change my location. I am trying for more of the Divine Love with all the powers on my being. I of course desire this for myself, but I also desire it that I may be better fitted to become a member of your band and participate in the work more fully than it is now possible for us to do.

Tell the doctor that I was with him the other morning, and that he actually had the experience of leaving his body and looking upon his old friend. You are many times more developed in your amazing and wonderful powers of making clear and simple and obscure truths, than I ever thought you were. I also want to say that you are the mightiest force upon the earth and that you are known and spoken of, as I am told, all through the spirit world from the highest heavens to the lowest hells. Oh, my friend, if I had only put my energy and determination in the work as you have, how different I would now feel, but some comfort is left me, and that is, for a long time I did, and this has enabled the work to be begun. I am most anxious to see it started, and I am most anxious to make up for my delinquency by my efforts in this life.

Jesus often comes to me and comforts me with his love like others of the Celestial Heavens do. Well, I must stop, as it seems that millions are seeking to get control to write.

Your brother in Christ,

James E. Padgett.

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