The Padgett Messages

the gospel revealed anew by Jesus and the Apostles

Messages in 1914

First preserved message from Mr. Padgett's wife Helen.

John H. Padgett (father) agrees with the suggestion made to form a band.

Jesus wants the world to follow his teachings.

Helen confirms that Jesus wrote.

A short note from Mr. Padgett's Father.

A note of encouragement from Ann Rollins.

Helen reassures Mr. Padgett that it was truly Jesus who wrote.

Mr. Padgett's father reassures him that it was Jesus who wrote on Saturday.

Mr. Padgett's grandmother reassures him that it was truly Jesus who wrote.

Mr. Padgett's mother talks about her soulmate and the love that she has for her son.

Grandmother of Mr. Padgett writes that the New Birth is the flowing of the Spirit of God into the soul.

Jesus is not God, He is the Way, the Truth and the Life.

A confirmatory note from Padgett's father.

And Ann Rollins…

And Helen…

And his mother…

Mr. Padgett met Bright Star at a séance

Here the Master, in an early writing, tells who he really was.

Grandmother of Mr. Padgett in an early message describes her home in the 7th. Sphere.

Divine Love is reaching out to every man.

An early message from Jesus to Mr. Padgett to get into a spiritual condition.

Exhortation from Mr. Padgett's mother.

Jesus selects Dr. Stone.

Mr. Padgett was too much taken up with his business matters.

Ann Rollins encourages him to pray to the Father more sincerely.

Ann Rollins answers many questions for him on the Holy Spirit and the Heavenly Father.

Thomas Padgett assures Mr. Padgett that important spirits actually write.

Helen relates about her early spiritual development to the Third Spirit Sphere.

Helen describes her home in third spirit sphere.

Helen advises him to be careful as to where he attends seances.

Mrs. Mary Baker Eddy sees the error in her teachings.

Grandmother says that the Father's Love for Mr. Padgett will help him in his material problems.

Helen Padgett describes the method used to communicate her thoughts through Mr. Padgett.

Helen Padgett's experience in leaving her body and going to the spirit world.

And Helen affirms…

A short note from Helen.

The importance of getting the Divine Love in the soul.

Riddle was so set in his ways of religious thoughts.

Helen confirms that Mr. Riddle has started to pray as Mr. Padgett suggested.

First effort by Jesus to deliver a formal message.

Mr. Padgett's grandmother confirms that it was Jesus who just wrote.

Prof. Joseph Salyards describes his entry into the spirit world and his spiritual progression.

Helen assures Mr. Padgett that Prof. Salyards loves him and that it was really he who wrote.

Mr. Padgett's mother says that his father has found his soulmate and tells of his spiritual progression.

Mr. Padgett spent the day with his friends, Judge Syrick and Col. Woods.

Helen has written that Jesus is not very happy during the holidays.

The Master is anxious that mankind should stop worshipping him as God.

Ann Rollins affirms that Jesus wrote.

And so does Helen.

Helen writes for Mr. Padgett to be true to God and to himself.

Helen advises Mr. Padgett to give all his thoughts to God.

His old friend and law partner is trying to obtain the Love of the Father.

Prof. Salyards has progressed to the Third Spirit Sphere.

Mrs. Padgett wrote that she is studying spiritual laws.

First message received from Helen, wife of Mr. Padgett, for Dr. Stone.

Mr. Padgett's father tells of soulmate records.

Helen confirms the effort made by Mr. Padgett.


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