The Padgett Messages

the gospel revealed anew by Jesus and the Apostles

Messages in 1917

Helen - the Master wrote and was anxious that Mr. Padgett should comprehend his message and its importance.

Jesus - Some of the doctrines of Christian Science are untrue.

Mrs. Nathan Plummer describes conditions in darkness.

Luke: declares that no man can possibly reach the condition of the perfect man unless his mental beliefs are in accord with the Truth.

John reassures Mr. Padgett that all his material requirements and plans will be realized.

Helen writes that Mr. Padgett will receive great love and power to do the great work of the Master as well as other high spirits.

John comments on the mediums' ability to prophecy and says, that no spirit has the gift of prophecy, as mortals term it.

Samuel agrees with what John has written concerning Mr. Padgett's material and spiritual progression.

Helen confirms the opinion of John regarding the ability of the medium to prophecy.

Spirit writes his experience in the hells - It is hard to learn of heavenly things in hell.

Luke comments on the spirit writing - It is hard to learn of heavenly things in hell.

James writes that Dr. Stone is progressing in his soul development and in his rapport with the spirits of the higher spheres.

Samuel P. Shannon: Self-opinionated spirit in the second sphere that cares nothing about spiritual progression or the Divine Love of the Father.

Helen writes that Shannon has considerable darkness in his appearance, yet he is evidently a hard student of what he calls intellectual things.

Ann Rollins when on earth was both blind and deaf, but was not unhappy, and the secret was, that in her soul she had the Love of the Father.

John Bunyan: The Law of Compensation.

Helen reassures Mr. Padgett that Bunyan really wrote. And she wants him to read his grandmother's message.

Los Trenos was murdered in the Inquisition of Spain because he believed in God And was a Bible student, tells of his progress into the Celestial Heavens.

Riddle confirms that the Spanish martyr is whom he represents himself to be.

Helen comments on the book that Mr. Padgett was reading (The Great Controversy) says the author regrets its contents.

Samera writes on the important truths that he has discovered.

The truth about hell and purgatory.

Nero - tells of his experience in the hells and his soulmate's help.

Judge Syrick tries impersonation to test Mr. Padgett's soul perception.

Helen confirms the test that was made by Judge Syrick.

John advises Mr. Padgett to give up reading unrelated material and apply himself to the writings given him by Jesus and other Celestials.

Cousin Laura Burroughs tells of meeting her soulmate.

A confirmed bachelor decides he will try to get into the proper condition that will enable him to meet his soulmate.

Helen urges Mr. Padgett to follow John's advice. Also writes about soulmates.

Spirit who heard Jesus' teachings when he was on earth.

Elohiam: A member of the Sanhedrin and judge at the trial of Jesus states the reasons for condemning the Master at the time.

Helen comments on the message of the ancient Greek.

William B. Cornelies was also present during conversation of Divine Love and the transformation of the soul into what was called the Essence of the Father.

Helen is very much interested in the writing just received from the Englishman, but disappointed that the Master could not write.

Luther denies the efficacy of the eucharist to save man. The bible is full of contradictions and error.

Saul - God is not the God of any race but of the individual.

Calvert, a school acquaintance is seeking help from Mr. Padgett.

Blaine visits the Councils Of All Nations to learn the objects of their efforts and desires.

Bismarck, a former statesman, places the blame on England for the economic conditions in Germany that forced them to go to war.

Helen confirms that Blaine and Bismarck wrote about the war and were most serious about what they said.

Luke: The conditions of spirits in the twilight zone and their progress in the natural love.

John explains the spiritual importance of the only Prayer that men need offer to the Father in order to become redeemed children and partakers of Immortality.

Mrs. Stone: Urges that Mr. Padgett, Dr. Stone and Eugene Morgan never doubt that they have been chosen to work for the Kingdom.

Helen: Affirms that John wrote on the selection of Mr. Padgett, Dr. Stone and Eugene Morgan to work for the Kingdom.

Cornelius, the Centurion: Much interested in the work and the importance of mankind knowing the Truth.

Elias (Elijah) was not John the Baptist, neither was John a reincarnation of Elias.

Abraham Lincoln: Love is greater than hate; God bless all the people of the earth.

President McKinley and others in the spirit world are striving to bring an end to the War.

Mrs. Wilson: Writes of her attempts to influence her husband, President Wilson.

Grandfather of the Kaiser has tried hard to influence his grandson in order to bring the War to an end.

A former White House Doorkeeper expresses his desire to have spirits communicate with the President.

Queen Victoria wishes she could have lived longer on earth; she could have helped to prevent the War.

Nathan Plummer is grateful for the help given to him while on earth by Dr. Stone.

Helen: The spirits of former rulers, presidents, kings and queens when on earth are yet mere spirits in the spirit world.

John writes that there is no one in all the world at this time who is fitted to do the work which you are now doing and which you must continue to do.

Mr. Padgett's mother, a Celestial Spirit, wants to assure Mr. Padgett that they are really the spirits they represent themselves to be and do not doubt them.

Jesus is not willing to write on the subject of soul because Mr. Padgett's condition is not what it should be although Mr. Padgett is anxious to receive it.

Helen is sorry that she cannot permit an old friend of Mr. Padgett to write but is happy with Jesus letter to him and that of his mother.

Ann Rollins helps a friend of Mr. Padgett, a suicide spirit that lost all hope of ever being forgiven to realize that there is hope for him in the spirit world.

Mrs. Perry writes about her son's soul, that is now opening to the Truth.

Helen confirms that Perry has been helped by Mr. Padgett in the direction of Divine Love.

John C. Calhoun: Still working for his country.

Sir Walter Raleigh writes of his progress to the fourth sphere.

What the Celestial Spirits think about war.

Forrest writes that he is out of darkness and in the light of Love.

James A. Garfield would like to be able to impress our President that he is overlooking matters of greater importance close to his peace stand.

Luther comments on Swedenborgian pamphlet entitled: Incarnate God

Chauncey Giles changes his belief about Jesus being God.

Helen affirms that Luther wrote on: Incarnate God.

Jesus: The soul - what it is and what it is not.

Mills is amazed at the progress Forrest made out of darkness, and will try to do the same, and seek for the Father's Love.

Forrest rejoices at the progress he is making now out of darkness and feels "as light as air".

Perry is feeling better and is grateful for all the help given to him by Mr. Padgett and other loving spirits.

Perry's mother expresses her gratitude to Mr. Padgett for his efforts in permitting her son to see the light.

Helen wrote that Perry is praying for Divine Love and is commencing to realize the great love that his mother has for him.

James - How man can again be restored to the perfect man, like the first parents before their fall.

Helen expresses James' disappointment.

Forrest writes that he is progressing and is able to see the light and some happiness.

Life and death, the friends of mortals, each to be welcomed. The one, the friend for eternity; the other, the friend for only a moment, but what a friend!

Luke: What is the fact in reference to the authenticity of the Bible.

Mr. Padgett's father is one of his guardian angels that is protecting him from undesirable spirits and is now a Celestial Spirit, living with his soulmate.

John, as Mr. Padgett's guardian angel will go wherever Mr. Padgett will go to enable him to perform his work in protecting and enlightening Mr. Padgett.

Dr. Stone became a friend of Nathan Plummer the last three years of life on earth and has continued to help him after he passed into the spirit world.

William Stone tells of Leslie's friend Plummer's progress out of darkness.

Helen writes that the séance that Mr. Padgett And Dr. Stone attended is detrimental to their own spiritual progression.

Accepts suggestion from Mr. Padgett to write on the soul, that is, when he is better able to do so.

John discusses the equality of the sexes.

Elias (Elijah): The truth of the Bible as to the things that are contained in the Old Testament.

Luther: Comments on the war then in progress, and its consequences.

Helen describes the various writers that wrote on this night and the help that each is given and her work in locating soulmates.

Ingersoll comments on the teachings of Swedenborg while on earth.

Mary Kennedy States that the publisher's soulmate is anxious for him to obtain the Divine Love in increased abundance.

Elias comments on the lack of knowledge by the preacher of the truths of spiritualism.

Jesus was never learned in the wisdom of India or Egypt or Persia. He was taught by the Father and the Angels of God.

Swedenborg - Did not know of the Divine Love as contradistinguished from the natural love.

Luke - Affirms that Swedenborg wrote. Importance of errors being corrected in his writings.

Helen affirms that Swedenborg wrote.

Mr. Luther writes that Mr. Padgett will not be in error as he was because his writing came only from spirits and angels who know God's Truth.

Writer expresses gratitude to Mr. Padgett.

Elias talks about the importance in getting into proper condition to permit the spirits to write.

Priscilla Stone, mother of Dr. Stone, makes considerable effort to help her children on earth.

Necessity of faith and prayer in doing the work. Mr. Padgett is his chosen one to do the work.

Luke affirming that the Master wrote.

Eight Celestial Spirits affirm that Jesus wrote.

Helen affirms that eight of the Celestial Spirits signed their names.

How prayers are answered for material things. The miracle of the loaves and fishes never happened.

Helen affirms that John wrote, and comments on prayer for material things.

A message from Helen Padgett.

John heard the manner of conversation that Mr. Padgett had with Dr. Stone and approves the idea.

Caesar gives his experiences after receiving help from a Divine Spirit.

Samuel expresses his love for Mr. Padgett and the work that he is doing in behalf of the Kingdom.

Mrs. Padgett confirms that Julius Caesar wrote.

The kingdom of God on earth and in the spirit world or the way to the kingdom of the perfect man.

John the Apostle affirming that Jesus wrote on the two kingdoms.

Jesus attended a church service with Mr. Padgett and tells of what the preacher should have said regarding the blood sacrifice.

Helen - Words of encouragement.

Jesus explains the necessary conditions required so that the higher spirits can help those in lower spheres.

Helen comments on Jesus' message on Mr. Padgett's work among the dark spirits.

Judge Syrick, an old friend of both Mr. Padgett and Dr. Stone, relates his spiritual progression and is living with his soulmate in the fifth sphere.

St. James is pleased with the progress of Dr. Leslie R. Stone who is his special charge to guide and wants him to trust him.

Mary says that St. James takes a special interest in him and is doing everything to help develop him.

Priscilla Stone: The publisher's mother is grateful that he has some of the Father's Love and wishes her other children would also seek His Love.

Helen writes a message.

Luke, Eugene Morgan's guardian angel tells of the great work he is doing among the dark Catholic spirits.

The only Way to the Kingdom of God in the Celestial Heavens.

Affirmation by Samuel, Jesus wrote the messages.

The once Iron Chancellor of the German Empire believes that the Germans will have to sue for peace and that the Empire is doomed.

John Mark: Spiritualist teacher's lack of knowledge of the Truth. The importance of the Truth being made known to all souls.

Paul: The Apostle to the Christians urges Mr. Padgett to bring the message of Jesus on "The Soul," as well as the present message, to the spiritualist.

The Father's Love is never far away when temptation strikes.

James - The frailties of the human mind and moral qualities.

Helen - Affirming that James wrote on the frailties of the human mind and moral qualities.

Who and what is God.

Jesus did not perform all the miracles claimed in the Bible.

Saul - Advice to his people, the Jews.

John - Portraits of Jesus. Only the Father can fill the soul with the Divine Love.

Helen comments on John's message on the portraits of Jesus.

Leibnitz, a German philosopher, now in the Second Sphere, wrote on immortality and the uncertainty of obtaining it even in the spirit world.

What is the reason that mortals will not seek the Love of the Father, rather than endeavor to believe in the creeds and sacraments of the church.

John as Mr. Padgett's guardian angel is with him a great deal and advises him on the talks given by various lecturers.

Solomon of Old encourages Mr. Padgett and stresses the importance to receive these important Truths without delay as mankind is turning more to spiritual things.

What Is the Holy Spirit and how It works.

Priscilla Stone is grateful for the messages received by Mr. Padgett from the Celestials to permit her faster spiritual progression.

Although Elizabeth Barret Browning is a bright spirit and happy, she has never seen spirits as bright as those that surround Mr. Padgett.

Helen confirms that Dr. Stone's mother wrote.

Kate Stone: Dr. Stone's sister tells him what her work is in spirit world.

The wandering Jew.

Confirming the experience that came to the "Wandering Jew".

Leslie's father wants him to know that God's Love has flowed into his soul in great abundance.

Helen comments on the message of the Wandering Jew.

G.W.H.: His experience as a result of a spirit's belief in the vicarious atonement.

Luke writes, that very few mortals have Mr. Padgett's rare phase of mediumship.

Rev. Fontaine: Experience of an orthodox minister after he passed into the spirit world.

Helen: Affirming that the orthodox minister wrote and gave his experience in the spirit world.

Paul tells Mr. Padgett about the inner beliefs and the mind of a Washington methodist preacher and advises him to talk to the preacher.

Spirit mother of a material preacher writes about her spiritual finding and new beliefs and would like her son to know and believe as she does.

John discloses that allowing the lower spirits to take control of him has depressed him to the extent that he lost faith in the Celestial Spirits.

Ann Rollins explains disappointments in both spiritual and material world.

Helen also reassures Mr. Padgett that the sun will shine on his material as well as spiritual affairs.

John says the preacher has very little knowledge of the "Truth" as has been revealed in the writings received and does not advise attending these services.

Helen agrees with John that Mr. Padgett was not benefitted by attending meeting, but pleased with his improved condition of soul.

The result of obtaining the Divine Love in removing worry. Prayer is a wonderful help when offered with the true longings of the soul.

Helen comments on prayer to remove worry.

John - Divine Love is ever waiting to fill the soul, and will, when the soul longings become real for its possession.

Luke discourses on the devolution and evolution of man - scientists only know of evolution after man reached the bottom of his degeneracy or devolution.

Mother of Rev. Mitchell is very happy that her son is preaching the Truth of God's Love.

Helen confirms that the preacher's mother was very happy because her son will put away his dogmatic beliefs.

Sam Ford: How the spirits progress in knowledge of the Truths.

Helen: Confirmation that Jesus wrote about getting in condition to do the work.

Jesus: The importance of the work set before Mr. Padgett. The necessity of getting into condition to do this work.

John the Baptist strongly urges him to get in condition to receive the Celestial messages that are more important than the personal ones that he is receiving.

Carlisle has progressed into the light within the past year with the help of Mr. Padgett and his Celestial Spirits.

Mary writes that earth, stars and suns may pass away, but a spark of soulmate love will never cease to exist.

George Whitefield: The great world teacher will be the Master again come to earth in the form of his Divine Revelations.

Helen Padgett comments on message from Whitefield.

Mary tells of the great gift that her soulmate, Leslie, will receive and exercise.

John - how and when God answers prayer. Laws of Rapport and Communication.

Jesus: The religion of the future and a comprehensive and final one, founded on the Truths that Mr. J. E. Padgett is receiving.

A Catholic priest who defended his flock talks with Mr. Morgan.

Helen writes about the great work that Eugene Morgan is doing among the catholics.

Man himself must make the effort to overcome the influence of the evil ones.

George W. Smith lived in England near the Stone family.

Helen: While Christian Science teaches the truth in some particulars, yet it does not teach man the Higher Truth that will make of him a Divine Angel.

Mother of Leslie tells of her spiritual progress and her Great Love of the Father; and confirms his visit to Eleanor Meads.

Jesus says that the world is becoming more spiritual and requires spiritual food, and that war causes people to think more of the hereafter.

St. John, the guardian angel of Mr. Padgett has said that Jesus, our leader, is making a great effort to establish a Kingdom of God in the Celestial Heavens.

A spirit writes a very beautiful letter of love to her soulmate.

A friend of Mr. Padgett's writes that when on earth he believed in the New Birth but found It quite different upon entering the spirit world.

Mary says that she has progressed to the Celestial Sphere where there are no numbers and is among spirits who fairly shine with the Great Love of The Father.

A mother gives her experience after passing over, due to giving birth to her baby.

Judge Syrick described the spiritual law of do unto others and also his progress into the seventh sphere.

Helen is glad that the Judge wrote.

Swedenborg does not want Mr. Padgett to be a failure in his work for the Kingdom as he was.

Helen says that Swedenborg wrote with authority.

Immanuel Kant was present when Mr. Padgett and Dr. Stone were discussing the Divine Love of the Father, and became interested.

Jesus has no vicar on earth: The claimed infallibility of the Pope of the Catholic Church is a delusion and a snare.

Bismarck describes conditions of the German people and that the war will soon be at an end.

Helen: A New Year's Eve message from Helen. A time of thankfulness to the Father for His great Love and Mercy.


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